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First we will determine the number of teams. The number of teams will be determined by the number of players in the division that appear on the draft list. Our goal will be to place 7 kids on a team which will allow for late registrants to fill out teams. We have set a limit of 10 kids per team.

Once the number of teams has been determined, coaches will be assigned to teams. Each coaching group will be given a draft sheet. League Officers will have ranked players based evaluations/observation according to what round players should be drafted.

Example: 28 kids = 4 teams = 7 draft rounds

4 kids will be ranked 1 (1st round)

4 kids will be ranked 2 (2nd round)

The draft sheets are completed (all 28 kids have a ranking – 1 thru 7 in the example) by the coaches and handed to the league officer(s)

Using the example above, the kids with the 4 lowest totals will be ranked 1, the next four lowest rank 2, etc. etc. through rank 7.

If a coach has a child in the draft, they must take their child in the round he/she is ranked or before. They will not have a pick in the round their child is ranked. This pick(s) will be automatic.

If a coaching team has two players ranked in the same round, they will have automatics for that round and the next round.

Draft order will be determined by drawing numbers from a hat. However, If a team has 2 automatics ranked in the first round they will also have last pick in the draft order.

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